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If you have got a truck then tonneau cover is a must-have accessory for it. Tonneau covers not just protect your cargo against harsh weather but also keep it safe from prying eyes of thieves. After all, we all aim for a comfortable and peaceful ride. The problem arises when you have so many options in the market and every single product has its own features and functional benefits.

Trucks and Beyond, therefore, has sorted out ten best tonneau covers that perfectly goes with any truck and offers a simple yet stylish solution to your truck.

1) Bakflip MX 4 Tonneau Coverbakflip mx4 tonneau cover

The MX 4 boasts aluminum panels with quality density foam cores. This makes it incredibly lightweight on your MPH. The panels are resistant to UV rays, scratches, and sports. Also, its matte-finishing look is really a head turner. Each of the Bakflip MX 4 tonneau covers is custom-made to fit in your truck’s bed and carries 3-5 year warranty period. You can never go wrong with this tonneau cover.



2) Bakflip G2 Tonneau Cover Bakflip G2 Tonneau Cover

This product is an excellent choice for those who put comfort in the driveway as their utmost priority. Its own rails provide access to the cover to lie comfortably over the truck bed cover. Its sleek appearance will be a head turner wherever you drive in the country. It is easy on installation and is quality built. Most importantly, the cover comes with a locking tailgate for ultimate security throughout your journey.

3) Extang Solid Folding Truck Tonneau CoverExtang Solid Folding Truck Tonneau Cover

The major benefit of choosing an Extang solid tonneau cover is you can find this tonneau cover in a different style and for various truck types. Most importantly, each product comes assembled so you save your extra time and effort in assembling the parts. Simply unbox the bed cover and install it in a minute. It is extremely light in weight and the panels and latches are easy to use. The material used for this cover is automotive grade thermoplastic skin which is heavy-duty and durable.

Also, its matte-finishing look adds more class to the overall look of your truck.

4) Undercover Tonneau Cover Undercover Tonneau Cover

Strength, weather-tight, and custom-fit to all kinds of trucks is what makes the undercover tonneau cover a gold standard of tonneau covers. It has a dual-point locking system for ultimate safety, provides protection from harmful UV-rays, is scratch-resistant, and has LED-lighting system with a self-sustained battery source. Above all, the bed cover is simple to install, quick to access and is backed by the company’s 3-year warranty. This means you can never go wrong with an undercover tonneau cover.

5) Roll-N-Lock Tonneau Cover

Lastly, the Roll-N-Lock tonneau cover is one-bed cover you can go for if you are looking for a long-term usage purpose. The powder-coated aluminum surface and metal bars are extremely strong and the entire cover is retractable and foldable instantly. Also, in harsh weather, the bed cover will stay still and bear the worst of climate. The retractable cover closes the bed and is locked by a patented lock on the tailgate.

There are of course tons of choices when it comes to a durable truck bed cover. We, at Trucks and Beyond, make sure our buyers are provided with required details on each product they plan on buying. Honesty, integrity, and quality service has what made us one of the best truck tonneaus covers  online store in the country.