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Holidays are here and so does the off-road camping trips under the snow. But, one thing that for sure will make your trip journey a comfortable ride is your truck. So, make sure this Christmas you gift your truck the best accessories. Now probably you might be thinking what to gift your truck? Trucks and Beyond have therefore collected some of the best truck accessories you can install in your truck for a better and quality truck ride.

1) Seat Heater Kit

Heated seats are one of the best gifts one can give to their friends or family. The kit works with clothes and leather to keep the seats warm in chilling winter. Made up with carbon fiber, these seats also come with high and a low-temperature setting. The automatic shut down feature when the seats get too hot is just another cherry on the cake. Install this heater kit in your truck and enjoy your off-road camping vacation.

Truck Tonneau Covers

2) Tonneau Covers

The truck tonneau cover is yet another truck accessory to gift your loved ones. There are soft tonneau cover, Roll-up covers, Hard-folding covers, Retractable covers, fiberglass lids, and much more. Trucks and Beyond is one of the leading dealers of tonneau covers and will help you find the perfect tonneau cover for your truck bed. Most importantly, they are easy on installation and provide great durability.



Mounted Bike Carrier

3) Mounted Bike Carrier                                               

Comes in a wide spectrum of range to fit for any truck size, the mounted bike carrier is one accessory you must have if you want to bring your bike along on the trip. Add more fun and sporty activities to your trip with a bike carrier and the best part is, you do not have to compromise with space inside your truck bed.


Running Boards
Running Boards

4) Running Boards

If you have been finding difficult to get in and out of your truck then these running boards should be in your buying list. There are various ranges of running boards available online that are easy on installation, offer durability, and provide straight-edge styling. If you are someone who cannot compromise with a comfortable ride then running boards is one good accessory to gift to your truck.


Roll-Up Tonneau Covers

                                                        5)Roll-Up Tonneau Covers 

The roll-up tonneau covers safe both side of the world. It protects your truck belongings from harsh weather and on the other hand, you can roll the cover up and have an access to the entire bed. Shop for a huge range of roll-up tonneau covers only on Trucks and Beyond. We deal with the truck bed cover and tonneau covers that are easy on installation, are low-profile, and feature a built-in bed light for a comfortable ride.

                                   6)Truck Bed Tents   

Truck Bed Tents
Truck Bed Tents

If you are a party-animal and love the idea of camping downhill then you must own truck bed tents and pickup truck bed cover. The truck bed tents can easily fit in two-three people and keep you safe from the snake, bugs, or wet ground. Above all, installing bed tents in your truck saves you from paying the campsite fees.

Shop now at Trucks and Beyond if this Christmas you are planning to gift yourself or your loved ones a truck accessory. We deal with a huge range of truck bed accessories and make sure our clients receive the best products with an assured guarantee.