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We cannot deny the fact that tonneau covers are really visually appealing. Apart from being a classy element added to your truck, they also protect your belongings loaded inside your truck bed. Trucks and Beyond is one of the leading professional dealers of BAK tonneau cover and make sure your investment in buying truck accessories from us, pay you in terms of service for a long-term period.

The BAK tonneau cover has taken the hard tonneau cover phenomenon to a completely next level. Its aesthetic look, style, performance, and durability have made it one of the greatest truck accessories yet. It has numerous innovative features which make it unique among all types of tonneau covers available in the market. Continue reading to find out why BAK tonneau cover is your truck’s one true friend and why you must invest in it:

1) Cab Protection

The new BAK tonneau cover comes with a rubber bumper that protects your cab from any damages caused due to load shifts. Also, the truck can handle extreme crash without bringing any scratch to your truck’s rear cab. The rubber bumpers are one of the biggest advantages of buying BAK tonneau covers.

2) Crash Resistant Material

The Bakflip tonneau covers are designed with impact resistant materials to bring extra durability and strength to it. These materials add a rugged appearance, bringing a sleek texture of tonneau cover. Apart from this, the cover has a flat surface to avoid snow and water getting accumulated on the truck surface. In case you live in a hot climate, your truck surface remains cool even in extreme temperature. The scuff-resistant rubber seals add longevity and apparent finish to the product.

3) Quality Rail Seals

The BAK industries manufacture flip tonneau covers with integrated buckle system that keep your cargo settle and secured even when flipped, folded, or in the closed position. The new rail seals attached to the tailgate of tonneau covers allow improved functionality. You can close the tailgate with the cover-up or down. The most amazing thing about these rail seals is that they can perfectly blend into rail tracks, even for bed liners and bed covers. The seals offer an upgraded look to your truck with flush mount design.

4) Easy on Installation

The Bakflip BAK pickup bed covers and tonneau covers are easy to install. You need not to become a pro at installing tonneau covers and still could DIY it. The covers need no drilling or truck modifications to fit in your truck bed. Once you install it, the tonneau covers fit perfectly along with the bed rails due to its custom-build inner truck rails.

If you are someone looking for value for your money then the tonneau covers designed and manufactured by the BAK industries is worth investing in. look no further as Trucks and Beyond is the leading dealer in truck tonneau covers and truck bed covers. Our quality products come with warranty and value added to the truck, for a comfortable ride is all you need when going off-road.