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Why Extang solid fold tonneau is the best tonneau cover? Five reasons you need to know.

No one can understand the importance of a truck for transportation and carrying heavy items other than a truck owner. If you are one such truck owner who earns his bread by trading then; investing your hard-earned money on buying Extang solid fold tonneau is your work insurance for long-term functioning. Irrespective of the weather and no security for hauled items, a truck tonneau cover adds safety and protection to the goods inside it. Trucks and Beyond have been around since 1991 and our extensive range of broadly classified tonneau covers has helped people add value to their truck with all means.

In this article, we are about to discuss how Extang solid fold tonneau covers are important for a trusty ride and why one must own it. Also, we will be highlighting a few major points with respect to the pros and cons of tonneau cover installation. So, continue reading and master every aspect of your tonneau cover decision-making process.

Types of Truck Bed Covers: 

The truck tonneau covers are available in a huge range of varieties. Once you step into the market to purchase one, you will find a range of material difference in one-piece hard fiberglass bed covers, canvas tonneau covers, roll-up covers, and flip-up covers. Where one rigid and strong cover might seem perfect for your truck but limit in size, there will be one such tonneau cover that locks securely and brings your stored items safely home.

Canvas Bed Covers:  They can be easily removed and restored, provide full-length coverage to your truck but, comes without locking facility.

Roll-up and Fold-up Bed Covers: Both the covers come with its own plus points and limitations but it offers full-coverage to your truck if you need to cover your truck partially at one point of time.

Retractable Cover: Few of the retractable covers come with a roll-up feature while few depend on your tailgate. But, in both the cases, it offers an easy access and simple installation.

Hinged Cover: It is nothing but a single-piece bed cap, usually made up of fiberglass for weight resistance and hinges up when widely opened. The cover comes with individual locks on both the sides and has a wide range in colors to match with your truck. Hinged covers are the most popular type of covers and are difficult on installation.

Heavy Duty Covers: These covers are made up of steel and aluminum to bear heavy weighted cargo. They can carry a heavy load on top of them thus, offering a high degree of security. On account of installation, Heavy duty covers are somewhat similar to the hinged covers.

Advantages of Extang Solid Fold Tonneau:

Trucks and Beyond have always been an impartial supplier of both hard and soft tonneau covers but we are also vowed to maintain a complete transparency when it comes to helping our clients choose the right tonneau cover for their trucks. Why we chose the Extang solid fold tonneau as the best of our collection is because of the below 5 major points:

1) Safety:
The solid fold of tonneau covers is made of aircraft-grade aluminum which concludes the fact that, it is highly resistant to speedy seagulls. The Encore is designed with fiberglass reinforced plastic which means, it will be almost impossible for T-Rex to chew it.

2) Rigidity:
Unlike the soft tonneau covers, Extang solid fold covers are resistant to denting and contraction with a change in weather. This means the hardcover will not sag or flap around due to storm or mild breeze. The whole cover is held in place with just four clamps and the best part is the product does not require any drilling. No extra tools required.

3) Easy on Installation:
Imagine you need to transfer a giant machinery appliance via your small truck you could afford right now. But, the machine space limits due to your tonneau cover so will you deny the client’s transport consignment? No. The Extang solid tri-fold cover helps you remove one or two panels by simply removing the two side clamps. You can either manually remove the whole bed cover or can fold few panels to adjust your consignment in place.

4) Extang Encore Escape for Shelter:
In the worst scenario, if your truck fuel run out in the midst of nowhere and any help will reach out to you after few hours, you can slip inside the Extang encore and stretch legs till the help arrives. On a counterpart, this also saves you the unbearable cost of a hotel room or squeezing on your seat whole night on a road trip. Pull off your tonneau cover and take its shelter.

5) Full-Mileage Covers:
Though this adds very little to any debatable conclusion, there are few tonneau covers that improve fuel mileage by a mile per gallon which is comparatively a huge improvement for open bed trucks (regardless of the tailgate kept up or down).

Features of Three Panel Tonneau Encore Cover: 

•Offers versatility while loading and hauling the cargo
•Is scratch resistant and comes with the ultimate in-dent facility
•Low profile design with 1” thick panels for a sleek appearance
•Encore self-latching design helps with easy and quick installation or removal of the cover.

Why Us?

We, at Trucks and Beyond, are one of the leading truck accessory suppliers. Our products are quality assured and assist you throughout your work. If you are a customer who weighs all sides of pros and cons before investing into truck bed covers then contact us. Our knowledgeable staff will assist you on purchasing the right tonneau cover that matches with your personal preference and requirements.