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Truck bed cover

With countless options available out there in the market, you surely desire on ordering the best truck bed cover for your truck that not just serves you for a longer period of time but also work efficiently throughout. Trucks and Beyond is well-known for its quality products and guaranteed services. Today, we present you an ultimate truck bed cover buying guide. But first,

Why Tonneau Covers Are Important? 

Truck bed cover
Importance of Tonneau Covers

Apart from giving you the flexibility of moving things easily, your truck demands protection from the harsh climatic effects and prying eyes of the thieves. A quality tonneau cover adds value to your truck but it is equally important to pay attention to a few crucial points, such as,

1) Type of Usage:

Before you go shopping or a brand new tonneau cover, stay clear of the purpose it will serve. What type of cargo are you going to tow in your truck? Does your truck serve the trading business or domestic needs? For instance, if you are dealing in a trading business of motorbikes and industrial appliances, you must go for a roll-up tonneau cover, as it provides more space inside. In the case of industrial appliance shipment, a hard-top or retractable cover will work perfectly.

2) Climatic Condition

The local climate is a crucial factor to consider while choosing your tonneau cover. If you reside in a place where heavy snow piles up, you would need a heavy truck cover to hold up the snow piles and protect your cargo. Similarly, for those who inhabit in a cold region can opt for a soft tonneau cover. Another important point to be concerned about is whether the tonneau cover seals the water or not? In case you get caught in a heavy rain, you must ensure the truck bed cover remains 100% waterproof and no damage shall occur to your good’s consignment inside.

3) Budget

Options for a good-quality tonneau cover are limitless. But one can opt for a cover that perfectly fits into their budget.  We, at Trucks and Beyond, are well-known for our wide range of products that suit all kinds of budget and applications. From Chevy Silverado 1500 to Ford Super Duty F-250 and Sierra HD, our extensive range of affordable collections in tonneau covers and accessories makes us your one-stop destination to shop quality truck bed covers.

Benefits of Using Tonneau Cover

We can never deny the fact that tonneau covers are visually appealing to us. The sleek finish and advanced look it provides is something that attracts every truck owner. But, above all, the tonneau cover is crucial for trucks and campers. Why?

1) Safety of Luggage      

The first most important benefit of tonneau cover is, it protects the equipment you haul from one place to another. The cover shield protects your equipment and cargo from the harmful UV rays and rain. Whether you are on a trip with your family or trading business, the tonneau cover makes sure it protects your belongings from wind, water, sun, and snow.

2) Privacy

Protecting your valuables from the prying eyes and thieves/burglars are crucial to every individual. The tonneau cover does that for you. It covers everything you are hauling by keeping it out of plain sight. In addition to this feature, many high-quality tonneau covers come with a locking mechanism to conceal whatever you are carrying throughout your journey.

3) Organize the Supplies

Benefits of Using Tonneau Cover
Benefits of Using Tonneau Cover

Once in a while, we all come across the scenario where all the equipment and cargo supplies are spilled and shifted from its place due to the jumps and bumps throughout the journey. Tonneau covers eliminate such scenarios. They are spacious and comes with a cover so next time you load your truck, be rest assured every single box will maintain its position until you reach your destination.

4) Add Value to Your Truck

In case you ever plan on reselling the truck in the future, you deserve a good amount of money if the truck is tonneau covered. Also, in the long run, it saves you from any damage to the cargo, thieves, and most importantly gas mileage. Due to the aerodynamic design of a tonneau cover, the truck bed generates low air drag and hence offers an improved gas mileage.

How to Measure Your Truck Bed for Tonneau Cover? 

Measure Your Truck Bed
Measure Your Truck Bed

So, you are all set to buy your brand new tonneau cover but how are you going to choose the right size that perfectly covers your entire truck bed? The tonneau covers are manufactured with exacting sizes so that it fits on the truck bed and covers every corner to prevent water or sun penetrating inside the cargo. There are 4 common types of truck bed styles:

  • Side Step
  • Regular Cab                                                                               
  • Extended Cab
  • 4 Door Crew Cab

Each one of them has their own unique dimensions and it may vary from few inches of what you measured. So, know your truck style or ask the expert of our Trucks and Beyond and they will help you figure out which size of tonneau cover fits into your truck bed.

The Maintenance Guide

Cleaning the tonneau cover is the simplest process out of all. Simply make sure you follow these 3 tips:

  • Clean your tonneau cover in a shaded area. Sprinkle water on it to soak.
  • Pour half a cup of the car-washing solution in a bucket and add lukewarm water to prepare the cleaning solution
  • Use a soft scrub and firmly brush the surface and edges. If the stains remain stubborn, leave the cover soaked in water for 5-10 minutes more.
  • Rinse the solution with clean water and let it dry in a shaded area.

Bring your concerns to us and we will help you choose and install the best truck tonneau cover that perfectly serves your trading needs. Our guaranteed range of products and the highly-accomplished team of experts will help you add value to your truck and business.